Alaya Lee


Perseverance and growth, two words that describe me the best when I think of my life and the obstacles I've overcome. Growing up life wasn't easy as a young woman trying to find myself in life and my purpose in it, things were once confusing and I lacked direction and didn't know what move was to be my first step. In search of a home I found one in the night scene where I became a dancer in Miami dancing at all the hottest clubs not only making a name for myself but making great money all at once but yet something still was missing I needed genuine love and affection from a man who cared for me as a woman mind, body and soul not just the dancer. Eventually it was as though everything I had asked for had just fallen into my lap I met the man that I felt was right for me and he inspired me to do and be so much more! His presence was so uplifting and i had finally been happy! Anything a woman could ever ask for or desire he had given without any hesitation, he made me feel as though I was a queen and he showered me in love and gifts. But like the saying goes all good things must come to an end and as time passed we started to grow apart until my newly found partner, financier and foundation had blown away simultaneously. Just like that we were over he had cut up the cards and parted ways and I had been torn! Somehow I found the strength to press on and continue to fight for what I wanted the most in my happiness. The remains of the income that was left behind I sought out to make more of it and used it to start up on my first business whereafter the success had been a chain reaction. Looking back now I'm in complete awe of who I've become transitioning from the little girl who had nothing to the woman in search of herself to now the CEO of both Gorgeous Clientele and Encounters by Alaya to as well as a successful model and motivational speaker. Everyone has a past but you can not let what you have been through determine where you will be have to keep pushing and fighting just like me.

Height: 5'9
Waist 28
Bust: 34d

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